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Delicious Meals, Yummy Treats!

At Lake Forest, we know how important it is to have superb dining experiences.  People have high expectations when it comes to food and that is why we pride ourselves in providing the best dining experiences for our residents.


The cooking staff carefully craft exquisite fresh meals to gratify all taste buds.  Our menus ensure to include a variety of options including vegetarian meals, gluten-free meals, and a vast selection of flavors and colors.  We have a strong interest in incorporating locally grown food and make sure to have healthy food options.


Enjoy delectable home-made desserts that will leave your mouth watering.  The chef even bakes something different every week for you to try.  Lake Forest encourages residents to share their favorite recipes and are always open to meal/dessert suggestions.  We adapt according to the needs of the residents.


Comfortable Seating,

Inviting Atmosphere

The dining room welcomes residents with beautiful views of Lake Champlain, high ceilings, and a stone fireplace which create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  There is also an outdoor patio area where residents can partake in BBQ’s in the warmer months.


During the holiday seasons, we adorn the space with themed decorations, lighting, and more!  During this time, we love inviting families to join for holiday celebrations.  The dining staff are fully engaged and hands-on when needed during meals or parties.

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